Village Produce Association

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Helpful Hints for Annual Cherry Burton Show Exhibitors

The Cherry Burton Village Produce Association does not adhere to National Societies Rules for Exhibition but these, when followed, can act as a good guide to exhibition.

By far the best way to learn how to exhibit is to try.

Ensure that all produce is fresh and meets the numbers of specimens required to be staged. All specimens must be the produce of that exhibitor.

When staging vegetables and flowers, freshness and uniformity is more important than
size – remember that the biggest is not necessarily the best.

With flowers, the vase can be any shape or size, but should be in proportion to the exhibit. Also, please note that two different varieties of the same species of plants are not two different kinds.

For individual enquiries for classes and entries, please ask a committee member or the named individuals below. We want the day to be a success, and your entries will make it so.

These people are experienced exhibitors:
Flowers: Mrs. Liz Holdich
Fruit, Vegetables and Wine: Mr. S. Peirson